May 29, 2003

DJ Krush - The Blackhole - Amazing Darkness

By chance I was listening to Netscape@Radio Abstract Beats and caught an unbelievably powerful work, The Blackhole by an artist I've heard of for years, but never explored that much, DJ Krush. It's from the album - Message at the Depth and contains some of the scariest and most bizarre percussion music I've ever heard.

The blackness and the hyper-active cross-pollination between break beat and hip hop percussion into a practically Xenakis-like hell texture is remarkably effective and memorable without producing an effect of deconstructive chaos. The textures return and coallesce into beautiful structures within the distrubed sonic shapes themselves.

As the shape progresses, an almost classical form emerges, within the spaces without the hyperactive subwoofer pounding. Returns are enhanced and re-shaped without becoming boring. The album, apparently is a set of reflections about 9/11.

Posted by jeff at May 29, 2003 02:18 PM