June 01, 2003

Quotes for a Sunday

One of the problems my music has had is that it's an abstract music, and people are not being educated to deal with abstract music or abstract thought. The abstract plane involves many levels, the first being self-realization or having some fundamental understanding of what you think about things. Abstract Consciousness is not necessarily relevant to being a great Republican or Democrat.
-Anthony Braxton-

The concept of the expanded time structure composed of long sustained tones and the unique tonal palette of those works came to me not by theoretical deduction, but by inspired intuition. This new approach to composition and hearing evolved not from my great appreciation of Anton Webern, but from environmental influences as well: the sound of the wind; the sounds of crickets & Cicadas, the sounds of telephone poles & motors; sounds produced by steam escaping such as my mothers teakettle and to the sounds of whistles and signals from trains; and resonance's set off by the natural characteristics of particular geographic areas such s canyons, valleys, lakes, and plains.
-LaMonte Young- Posted by at June 1, 2003 11:28 AM