June 01, 2003

Synthesizing Carnatic Music With the Computer

Very interesting article about creating Carnatic (Southern Indian) music via the computer. From the author M. Subramanian:

This article describes the present situation in synthesizing Carnatic Music with the computer, the problems and possible solutions

The full article can be found at http://carnatic2000.tripod.com/compmus.htm


Posted by at June 1, 2003 09:08 PM

Though not strictly Carnatic, here is a site that offers a audio/visual program that will reproduce sampled Indian excerpts from various instruments. It works as a mouse-over and as freely randomized sounds when set to it's "auto-play" function. There is a surprising amount of variation because the program uses quite a few different basic musical excerpts all controlled through an elaborate random layering system (I believe as many as 10 functions per musical excerpt). As well as traditionally used instruments such as sitar, santoor, flute, tambura, and tabla there are occasional brief samples of environmental sounds: wind, birds, et al.


Posted by: Rod Stasick at June 2, 2003 09:51 AM