August 06, 2003

Music Modified by Audience Brainwave Controllers

Received this via email - haven't had time to investigate.

REGEN3 / Regenerative Brainwave Music: ElectroBrainFunk
at DECONISM Gallery, 330 Dundas St. West, Toronto
(across the street from the Art Gallery of Ontario), tickets available at the door. Friday August 15th, 9pm

What if music responded to your mind?

REGEN3 will present the latest developments in EEG brainwave music research, by presenting an ensemble comprised of Toronto jazz musicians playing music which is driven and altered by the brainwaves of the audience. Audience members can become part of an advanced mass EEG system which uses audience brainwaves to control both the music and lighting environment: a truly 'smart' building. Join us and see what happens when the mood of the environment is "regenerated" by the collective consciousness of the attendees.

REGEN3 will be performed by Bryden Baird (trumpet), James Fung (keyboard) Dave Gouveia (drums), Sandy Mamane (bass) and Corey Manders (sax)

Deconism Announcement

Regenerative Music

Posted by jeff at August 6, 2003 01:48 PM

Forgot the send out the date!

Friday August 15th, 9pm

Posted by: James Fung at August 6, 2003 04:51 PM

We have rescheduled this event to August 30 due to the blackout.

Posted by: James at August 25, 2003 08:29 PM