August 17, 2003

Boulez Returning to Electronics to Support Microtonal Composition?

From, Jorge Franganillo writes:
In the latest number of Scherzo ( there is a 6-page interview with Pierre Boulez. In the little conversation one can read about his composition projects, he says that he's going back to electronics to work with microintervals and he assures that he's now writing Anthèmes 3, a work for violin and orchestra (longer than Anthèmes 2), comissioned by Anne-Sophie Mutter, which will be premiered in 2006 to celebrate Paul Sacher's centennary. Boulez expects to have this work finished in 2005. (Should we believe him??) Quite surprisingly, not a word about his Notations for orchestra! Posted by jeff at August 17, 2003 03:07 PM