October 21, 2005

Flocking Luddites

I'm typing this from the new Flock browser with builtin blog editor.  It's built off of Firefox and looks like a great new tool.  Maybe this will get me off my ass to post more and probably shorter commentaries. 

Went to the Rzewski concert at Miller Theatre last night for the premiere of "Bring Them Home".  Kyle Gann interviewed Rzewski before the concert where he made some entertainingly luddital views (like a luddite) about how music was going to shortly return to a live-performance centered activity and that iPods would no longer rule. 

Almost fell out of my seat.  ;)

The music was well performed and reminded me how, Rzewski can really write great music.  Too bad he seems he'd rather play with ideas.  I don't mean the politics.  I just don't find watching two great pianists slapping their knees intersting.  Call me a luddite in that regard!  

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