December 11, 2005 - Building A New Music Announcement Aggregator

OK, the site is up and I've wired up the feed to one of the columns. This is not even a pre-alpha site yet. Initial ideas are in the previous article, A Proposal for Announcing New Music Recordings on the Net. At the moment, I'm still experimenting with how to auto-generate blog entries from the mp3_classical_contemporary RSS feed. Once that's done and I settle on a look, this should get rolling.

Current plans are:

1. Auto-generate blog entries from new items in the RSS feed.
2. Auto-modify a playlist at which can also serve as a podcast for people that just want to subscribe and watch the new MP3's just drop in.
3. More as I remember/think them up and digest your comments.

What I could really use a hand in is how to make it so that when we do start promoting the service (especially the use of tags) it gets some traction. Am I forgetting anything that would make it more compelling as a new music announcement service? Is requiring a account going to stymie this service? I can certainly use the post to generate new tagged entries, by way of the site or an email list, but I'm afraid that's just inviting spam. Also, there's a real advantage in slowly identifying composers who use the list through their announcements. allows for subscription to a tag by tagger and that could pave the way for a privileging that could be helpful in maintaing this micro-community service.

I'm thinking of ways to invite the electronic music community, also. That's a can of worm for sure, since every kid with a computer now is a composer. Requiring a account identifier might be key here in keeping the list maintainable and interesting.

I'm leaving comments open here and in the announcement below for the moment, until it gets googled and blog-spammed. Please help me out with your thoughts and ideas. If you're reading this through the New Music ReBlog site, please comment at beepSNORT.

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