December 22, 2005 is Ready for Business

Got the parsing and generation of blog entries working this afternoon. now periodically grabs and parses the mp3_classical_contemporary tag RSS feed from and, using the Movable Type reBlog plugin generates blog entries for every new MP3 that is announced over the service. I'll be adding playlist creation and a player shortly. Comments are open, but moderated, so feel free to praise or diss any of the first few announced works.

My provider, doesn't give subdomains except to full packages, so I went ahead and got the domain too.

The basic principals of the service:

Use to tag URL's for deep-linked (or not so deep-linked) MP3's. You'll need to set up a account which takes approximately 2 seconds. I propose 2 tags for our community, but can envisage a few more:


Whenever a new work is tagged in this fashion, it'll show up for anybody who has subscribed to mp3_classical_contemporary tag in their inbox. You 'post' your MP3 URL and tag it with one of those tags. I'd suggest we begin using it for new works and not for our entire catalogs. Users that want to see these new works can subscribe to these tags in their inbox or the RSS feed at or by visiting the website. is basically going to be a addon service provider to the tag feed, for adding comments, and getting the service into full blown activity.

Also, please ignore that default bloggy look at the site. Will be spiffing it up into coolness this weekend.

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