February 24, 2017

Program Notes for the Quartet for Two Flutes, Violin and Contrabass

The Quartet for Two Flutes, Violin and Contrabass is intended, as is all of my music, as a surrealistic extension of traditional classical music. The sonic realms of the music of the past are re-visualized through the lenses of the 21st Century experience. I have little interest in many of the sentiments of the past, it is the momentum-generating processes and gestalt-driven inevitabilities created by mono-thematicism and the sheer splendor of melody-driven immersion that I seek from the past. The Quartet is meant to evoke the fantastic fractal realms of works which use canonic imitation as a coloristic device such as Bach's Fifth Brandenburg Concerto or his Double Violin Concerto, while attempting to express today's emotional landscape. The beginning of the composition and in transitions throughout, is an homage to the great Polish composer, Witold Lutosławski and employs some high modern retrograde and retrograde inversions of the scalar materials.

YouTube Demo

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